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If you are motivated and enterprising with passion for teaching and helping students to achieve their maximum potential, you may have the right stuff to own and operate a RADICE Learning center. Every prospective Franchisee must take the following steps before she or he can own and operate a RADICE Learning center.


RADICE is committed to grow in India, US and Canada; however all the locations in India, US and Canada may not be accepted at this time. Before doing anything else, please check with the regional office and see if there’s an opportunity in your area.


Every prospective Franchisee must fill out an application to be reviewed by our Franchisee Development department.  You need to provide details of your preferred location, your education and financial details along with the application.


RADICE Corporation will screen all the applications, and also conduct several discussions with you to understand your commitments, motivation, education and financial details to own and operate RADICE Learning center.  RADICE will also conduct standard background checks and financial assessment as prospective. Franchisee must have the resources to set-up a RADICE Learning center. Initial investment requirements and start-up costs for RADICE Learning center tend to be considerably lower than other franchisees.  RADICE will also provide financial assistance for highly motivated and committed individuals to own and operate RADICE Learning Centers.


Once a prospective franchisee is approved, he or she must enter to successfully complete the initial training at our regional office. This is One-to-One based training and it will teach you:

RADICE core objective:

  • RADICE method of teaching
  • Managing queries from students and parents
  • How to manage the operational aspects of RADICE Learning center
  • How to interact with Regional office.

Once the center location has been approved and all the training requirements are met, a Franchise agreement can be offered. RADICE staff will then work with you to prepare your center for opening. RADICE will work with you to implement marketing events and advertisements for your center. We may allocate marketing staff based on your location.

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