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It is very important to recognize the fact that students differ from one another. Our current education system makes it difficult to address such differences; it is still based on “one size fit all” approach.

When students are not presented with learning experience that is appropriate for their abilities, they lose motivation and sometimes even their interest in learning. Some students need a little more practice and mentoring to become high performers in Math. RADICE provides opportunity to practice more and also mentor every student with specific action plan to improve their weak areas.

Most of the parents think about entrance examination when their kids are at high school, but they send their kids for actual preparation classes only during 11th and 12th grades.  Only a small set of students from highly educated family receive attention and orientation for entrance examinations from the start. Such students are introduced into advanced topics and more challenging problems at early ages. These family backgrounds enable them to handle advanced topics in higher grades and also excel in competitive exams like IIT and State Entrance examinations.  RADICE is trying to provide such opportunity for every student at an affordable price.

RADICE method is focused on development of problem solving skills. Highly personalized curriculum is the heart of RADICE method. Curriculum prepared is based on several leading Indian and international school syllabus, and it is reviewed by several leading Academicians and Mathematicians.

  • Self-motivated-learning: RADICE is not based on classroom or tutor based on approach. It is based on self-motivated - learning approach. Students receive course materials at the time of enrollment.
  • Continuous Monitoring: RADICE Maths experts continuously monitors each student by carefully evaluating their practice tests and send back detailed report to their parents, explaining their weak areas and advices them how to improve.
  • Develop skills: Course materials develop skills in core areas, and allow student to practice skills they developed.
  • Accuracy + speed = success: RADICE method prepares each student to achieve their maximum potential by increasing accuracy and speed.
  • Practice makes perfect: RADICE provides enough problems and assignments till each students master the required skills.
  • One Student at a time: RADICE staff handles each student individually.
Math Companion

It is a curriculum purely based on CBSE syllabus  for  Indian students.

Math Tutor

Radice provides a qualified teacher to work with your kid and improve his or her problem solving skills. This is a facility available only in Canada and US.
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English Plus

Improve your Grammar, Writing, Reading and Vocabulary with the help of our special English training. It is package tailored only for Radice Members.
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