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Testimonials of students who wrote exam in 2013
1. Megha N Namboothiri
Math companion and science companion of radice were were a good support for my examinations
Chavara public school , Kottayam
2. Helen

Radice Math companion helped me a lot in my year through studies and in my exams.I have kept it as reference material for the entrance examinations.
EDEN P.S , Kottayam

3. Parvathy MS
The method of topic explanations are really interesting and I could used it as qick revision material.So my exams were good.Thank you radice.
MARY RANI P S ,Kottayam

4. Sam Koshy
Radice books helped me the confusing textual problems and the exercises were also helpful.The presentation also is very good.
MES , Chathamangalam,Calicut

5. Hena Fathima
The Radice Online Tests helped me very much in my studies.The books are given with many exercises and answers for the textual problems .My money is valued.
Markaz international,Calicut

6. Gopika G S
I am Mother of Gopika, She told me that she could get good marks in exams because of the math companion and science companion.Thank you radice for your support.
Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Calicut

7. Silpa Roy
I shared my Radice books with my best firend , now she is also paying thanks to your books.
Mar Baseloius, Calicut

8. Chaitanya K K
I am really thankful to you , radice for which the topics really confused me had solutions in yor book.Espesially I like Physics and Chemistry which are tough for me.Also your ROT s are also very good.
Little Daffodles, Calicut

9. S. Vivek Menon
We are parents of Vivek.He got a good support from the Math companion books and also from the ROTs you provide.Science subjects are given in such a way that the topics can be covered as a quick revision notes.After examinations, he came with a very pleasent face .Thank you Radice ,
Vidyodaya P S , Thevakkal

10. Sona Shaheer
Since the chapter wise books are given , it was very easy to handle and revision also nwas very quickly possible.The ROTs also helped me a lot,So that I could understand more questions from each chapter.
Al Ameen School , Edappilly

11. Ankitha Joshy
The teach r support from Radice helped me very much,because I was nervous to go and ask my teacher. But your teacher solved my confusions.Thank you
Bhavans Vidya Mandir ,Kodungallur

12. Gayathri Unnikrishnan
Thank you Radice for your books.Eventhough it was a little costly, it worth.
Paramekkavu Vidya mandir, Thrissur

13. Akshitha S Das
Classroom style teaching is adopted in each chapter of your books especially Maths.When I missed some of my classes , Math companion was really a companion to me in teaching the missed portions.Thank you
Holy Angels School,Trivandrum

14. Shahala Navas
The science subjects are tough for me, but the science companion helped me to do well in exams.
N S S Public School, Trivandrum

15. Emilin R Sebastian
I got very good support from your books and online materials.
Viswaprakash P S , Trivandrum

16. Anoop A
I liked the books of radice.It was really worth
Sreesarawathy School , Trivandrum

17. Abhiram S Rajeev
Online Tests and materials supported me in my exams.The books are also good and can be used for future reference books for entrance exams.
M G M Public School, Trivandrum

18. Rohith J Jayan
Thank you radice for the support.
Infant Jesus P S , Trivandrum

19. Sreelakshmi G Bhat
Science and maths books are really student friendly and I liked the presentation of topics.congrats , you have won my heart.
Carmal School, Trivandrum

20. Harikrishnan C
Thank you for helping my child to improve in mathematics.(mother of Hari)
Amrutha Vidyalayam ,Thrissur

21. Farsana Fakrudeen
The books of radice are good. Model question papers helped me .
Cresent Public School,Aluva

22. Harikrishnan D
I was enjoyed doing the online tests of radice.
CKMNSS, Chalakudy

Students Testimonials :
Gayatri Vijayan, Co-Operative School, Thodupuzha
Mother : My daughter is studying in 10th Grade and she is following all the study materials from RADICE (Research and Development in Core Education) so that, right now I am confident that she will acqure a higher Grade. Because all the problems and notes are described very easily. Their online Test, Chapter wise books, question banks, all are helping students to get higher grade.
Antony Saju, Rajagiri, Ernakulam
Radice Education's Study Materials helped me a lot especially in Mathematics. I think their study materials and Question Banks are high quality and simple to understnd.
Namitha, Assissi School, Vazhakkala.
Mathematics and Science study materials really made very simple and helped to face examinations without any tension... Thanks to RADICE
Neenu Babychan, Polloti Hills, Calicut
Father: Their Sudy Material's Presentation method is more convenient and simple to understand, that's why, my daughter is taking more interest to studying Mathematics. I think their online test and print materials will help students to get higher grade
Anjana Chandran, Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Calicut
Mother: Very good, nice materials, actually she was poor in mathmatics, but she is getting better and improved much and scoring good marks.
Nayana CT, Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan, Calicut
Father: I am caring my child's education, thats why i purchased RADICE study materias and given to her. Now she is more better in mathematics. She told me that even tough portions are described easy to understand in this materials.
Vaishakh Sankar, Santhi Nikethan, Trivandrum
Very simple and good materials. When I get free time I am doing Radice Online Test. It is very interesting and this is a new method for studying mathematics and science.
Shabana S., IXth, Arya Central School, Trivandrum
Mother: I think Radice Study materials are suitable for my child. They have applied differet techniques for studying mathematics and science subjects. After following this materials her learning ability is improved more.
Ann Mary Thomas, De Paul EMASS, Angamaly
I am happy to be one among the students of Radice. As I am following state syllabus I am not so familiar with negative numbers. And so, in the case of negative numbers felt little bit of confusions. It is better to give the answers of questions which is there. In page 44-45 (FAQ's in competitive tests).

Keerthi R. Nair, 9th Std, St. Sebastian School, Kottayam

Problem in Geometry was great help to me. The description and details in geometry gave clear picture in geometry.

Reshma K. Vijayan, 9th Std, Marian Public School, Kottayam
Most of the student didn’t get the correct idea through text (syllabus). Additional details and more problems help to concentrate that main part.

Syam Venugopal, CMI Public School, Chalakkudy

Presentation of Polynomials is simple. So it is easy to learn and understand.
Aswin S., 10th Std, Holy India, North Parur

Questionnaires help to concentrate more questions from outside and reduce the board examination tension. It is a useful material through we can gain high marks.


A. A. Abdul Salam, Talent Public School

It is an effective education system covering all types of questions from outside and all relevant topics in maths text.

Mohammed Vazeem K. A., 10th Std, Talent Public School

It is a complete guide which can solve all problems, its helps to do the problems more accurate. It provide the correct guidance to study and prioritization of chapters.


Vaisakh V.R., 10th Std, Vyasa Vidya Niketan, Chalakkudy

Model question papers and maths scoring materials are so helpful in exams. Each chapter contains the exam oriented question papers and relevant topics.
Rosemol Hillariose, S.H.P.S., Angamaly
Performance of teachers is excellent but please try to discuss some textual problems from the portion in the class then it will be more flexible for us.
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